Our passion for the natural world has led us to numerous adventurous trips to many exotic and remote places all over the world. Following the nomenclature of the Travellers Century Club, we visited 98 countries. According to the listing of the Most Travelled People Association, it rises to 217. We are frequently found somewhere from Europe to South America or Asia.

The Antarctic continent occupies a special place in our mind. It remains one of the last real wilderness areas virtually unchanged since its discovery. In spite of its isolation and the very harsh climatic conditions which prevail there for the most part of the year, the greatest concentration of wildlife on the earth can be found there.

Although affected by the global warming, the Arctic is still one of the last frontiers of the world. It's the kingdom of the polar bear whose territory decreases each year due the melting of the ice, threatening its breeding.

Gabrielle and Michel have contributed on a voluntary basis to the UNESCO World Heritage Internet Site and their various publications.  

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